You Were Made For More Than Your Current Overworked, Underpaid Freelance Hustle

Transform from Overwhelmed Solopreneur to Thriving CEO Before 2021 Ends

In just 7 weeks, you’ll go from fighting to find clients and overworking yourself - to getting paid more while getting more freedom!  It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, get noticed, and get new clients that are aligned with your core business values. 


Running a Service-Based Business Can Feel Like You're Working on Overdrive 24/7

I spent years in the “I have to do it all” mindset, not wanting to delegate my responsibilities or spend money on an extra set of hands, right to the brink of mental and physical burnout.

From that space, I wasn’t able to grow my freelance business, earn the money I deserved or spend my free time actually enjoying my life away from my laptop.

Do You:

  • Wake up dreading to look at your inbox?
  • Take on projects that don't align with your values?
  • Let a client treat you like dirt because hey it’s a paycheck?
  • Laugh when asked about your personal life?
  • Wonder if you made a mistake starting out on your own?

What If Instead You Could:

  • Implement your morning routine before even looking at your phone
  • Hire a team member without stressing about the cost
  • Stand up for yourself and drop those negative clients
  • Set boundaries with your schedule (like no working on the weekends!)
  • Maximize that CEO Zone of Genius 

Are you looking to make these types of changes as a freelancer, coach or consultant all while making more money and working less?

Picture this: 7 weeks from now - right before the Christmas holidays - you wake up feeling refreshed.

You complete your morning routine and have a leisurely cup of coffee before checking your inbox. 

When you decide to sit down to work, your day is filled with making CEO-level decisions, not annoying menial tasks or client busy work. 

Your project management platform holds all the progress your team has made on projects for each of your clients, and since you’ve set clear boundaries with each client, you’ve set a call schedule that fits your life!

Meals aren’t eaten at your desk; an exercise class easily fits into every afternoon. 

And when you decide you’re done for the day, you have the freedom to shut off your laptop and enjoy the success you’ve built for yourself, without the nagging stress of tomorrow. 


Why Scale with Me?

I’ve been the CEO of my business - and my life - for 5 years.

Being a cog in someone else’s wheel wasn’t for me; I couldn’t work my butt off for a 3% annual raise or do the daily grind for two weeks of vacation.  At that pace, I was frustrated and speeding towards burnout.  

So in 2016, I started working for myself. At first I was feeling good about getting out of the machine, but after a few years, the feelings of overwhelm returned.  I was overworking myself and stifling my own growth by working completely solo.  When I tapped into my CEO Zone of Genius and hired a team, I became a leader instead of a worker.  I learned to set fair rates so that my clients and I both valued the work I was doing, and boundaries so I could enjoy the world I was exploring. 

By Scaling Beyond Solo, I was able to hit 5-figure months and crush multi 6-figure years. My dream of being a successful entrepreneur with time and location independence became my reality, so I’ve now made it my mission to empower other entrepreneurs to start and scale their own service-based businesses designed around their core values.

Are You Ready to Scale Beyond Solo?

Scale Beyond Solo gives you all of the business tools you need to find your ideal clients, create a knockout online presence, hire your perfect team and more. This program is for you if you're ready to upgrade your business mindset from solopreneur to CEO - and get the pay raise that goes with the title. 

You don’t have to Scale Beyond Solo alone!

I’m here to walk you through the process of: 

Hiring your perfect team.

It's time to stop wearing all the hats in your business and hire team members to support your business growth.

Attracting your dream clients.

Having your top-level services fully booked out for the year? It's easy when you know where to look for clients.

Building your dream brand.

Whether you're the face of your biz or not, creating a unified online presence and brand is essential to get to the next level.

Scale Beyond Solo Gives You All the Support You Need to Level Up

Why struggle on your own when you could be scaling your business?

When you join Scale Beyond Solo, you'll have access to all the below resources to help you achieve your business goals and feel fully supported from beginning to end of the process.

Plus, as part of the founding group, I’ll be working alongside you, guiding you through your transformation.  Let’s take each step together so you feel fully supported as you channel your CEO Zone of Genius! 


A 6 Video Module Program ($1,500 Value)

Weekly releases of content tailored to help you build and scale your biz.  You’ll learn how to create a business plan, set intentional goals, hire your dream team, manage finances, brand your business, choose the right social platforms to attract your ideal customers, and more.  You’ll have lifetime access to the modules, including any upgrades made as the program grows (just like your biz!).  


Virtual Kickoff Orientation Call with Kimber ($350 Value)

Think of this as first day of school meets networking event at a wellness retreat. Before we get to the juicy stuff of Scale Beyond Solo, gear up for a fun afternoon getting to know the other program members and talking about self-care.


Mid-Program Group Mentoring Call with Kimber ($350 Value)

Bring all your business questions - nothing is off the table - to this call with me and the rest of the Scale Beyond Solo founding members. And remember, there's no such thing as a dumb question.


Wrap Up Group Mentoring Call with Kimber ($350 Value)

Time to set up your ongoing goals and ensure you’re on the path for even more success in your growing business.  Plus, at the end of 7 weeks you will have made an enormous amount of progress – so let’s celebrate!


Private Scale Beyond Solo Support Channel ($700 Value)

Need support outside of our calls? I got you covered with a private support channel - think Facebook Group - that's just for Scale Beyond Solo founding members for the duration of the program. Be prepared for major level up status.


Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs (Priceless)

Learning from someone like me who has been where you currently are is key, but hearing triumphs and pain points from other Scale Beyond Solo members helps you realize you're not alone in this biz transformation. Our community is ever-growing, and with lifetime access you’ll be able to learn and share with all Scale Beyond Solo members, not just those in your group. 

Total Value: $3,250

Total Investment:

$175 (for 3 monthly payments)

Or Pay in Full for just $497!

Total Growth Potential: The Limit Does Not Exist!

With lifetime access to the modules, you’ll be continuously supported throughout your boss journey. 


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They did it! So can you!

"I loved working with Kimber because not only is she incredibly insightful about the online business world she is also easy to relate to and she is so sweet. Scale Beyond Solo equipped me to scale my business and help me put into perspective what my goals are and how I will achieve them.

Before the program, I didn't have clear goals or a CEO mindset and therefore my business wasn't scaling as I wanted it to. Through SBS, I was able to get my business financials in check and start hitting my first goals - gaining another client and hiring a team member.

Working with Kimber exceeded my expectations because each lesson in the course was packed with information that was so practical and valuable, going through the program I never felt like a lesson wasn't helpful. Also, open communication in Slack was really helpful, Kimber was available and wanted to answer questions! If you are on the fence about signing up for this program, do it! You won't regret it, the value and knowledge that Kimber shares in this program is amazing and you'll see results in your business before the program is even over!"

Rachel Ikerd, Virtual Assistant

"When I started working with Kimber, I was at a point where I felt completely overwhelmed and
burned out, because I had overcommitted myself to several clients and it stopped being
sustainable. I was missing deadlines, I was forgetting about some small clients to be able
deliver to my biggest clients, and most importantly, I got to a point where I started
rejecting new leads because I couldn’t take any more work on my plate and I felt very
scared to delegate or outsource.

Kimber has been an amazing mentor through this process and I can’t thank her enough for how
much I l have earned these past weeks. It definitely has been a turning point for
me and my business and I cannot see myself going back. Scale Beyond Solo really made
me look at my business with different eyes because now I know how much I can grow it
(and how fast)."

Paulina, Interior B Studio

As solo entrepreneurs, it can often feel overwhelming to run a business and put processes and systems in place that allow us to grow.

Kimber breaks down step-by-step strategies and tactics that were game changers for my business and the best part was it only required a couple extra hours of my time each week. With Kimber, I was able to put processes in place in a matter of weeks that otherwise would have taken me months to figure out on my own. I highly recommend Scale Beyond Solo for any entrepreneur who wants to stay in her zone of genius and grow her business from a place of confidence and ease.

Lacey Elizabeth

Meet Your Biz BFF, Kimber!

I’m a full-time digital marketer and entrepreneur mentor helping other entrepreneurs build the businesses and lives of their dreams.

I left my 9-5 job 5 years ago in corporate America. When I set out on my digital nomad journey, I had no idea that I would turn countless cafes into my office spaces, hire a fully remote team and ultimately settle down abroad in Mexico City.

I've personally put these tactics outlined in Scale Beyond Solo into action with my digital marketing agency, KO Digital, and consistently make multiple 5-figure revenue months.

I'm so excited to be sharing my tips for entrepreneurial success with you and am confident that this program will help you level up your business.

Yes, I'm So Ready to Scale Beyond Solo!


3 Monthly Payments Of


  • 6 video modules packed with action items, trainings, and downloadables
  • Virtual kickoff orientation call
  • Mid-program group mentoring call
  • Wrap up group mentoring call
  • Private Scale Beyond Solo support channel
  • Community of like-minded entrepreneurs


Best Savings!


  • 6 video modules packed with action items, trainings, and downloadables
  • Virtual kickoff orientation call
  • Mid-program group mentoring call
  • Wrap up group mentoring call
  • Private Scale Beyond Solo support channel
  • Community of like-minded entrepreneurs 


Best Value!


  • 6 video modules packed with action items, trainings, and downloadables
  • Virtual kickoff orientation call
  • Mid-program group mentoring call
  • Wrap up group mentoring call
  • Private Scale Beyond Solo support channel
  • Community of like-minded entrepreneurs 
  • PLUS 2 30-minute private mentor calls with Kimber to use during the program

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Companies I've Worked With

Your Clients Will Be Saying Things Like This About You

"Kimber has been a dream to work with. She's a very proactive social media manager, capable of successfully managing social for multiple complex brands and campaigns within a single company, and multiple companies within a large organization.

Kimber tripled my company's monthly new follower's growth in 2020 as compared to the top performing month in 2019. She helped grow our engagement 223% month over month with a single video. She helped us transition our social media strategy during a pandemic- when it was more crucial than ever that we communicate carefully and thoughtfully.

As a busy communications professional working on a very lean team, it's incredible to have the support of a proactive social manager who needs no hand holding and who we can rely on."

Danielle Brown, Senior Marketing Communications Manager

"Kimber provided messaging and communication consulting, helping me drive focus and clarity around my group’s activities. She filled a crucial role raising internal awareness of my teams’ business impact across the company through well crafted monthly newsletters.

She quickly ramped up and became an integral part of my team picking up the technical context of the work. She has used her craft to come up with impactful communication with emphasis on practical outcomes. Kimber sets a high bar for quality, truly cares about results and fun to work with."

Ozan Talu, Solution Architecture Leader


Who is Scale Beyond Solo for?

Entrepreneurs looking to level up their service-based or online business will get the maximum benefit from this program.

What will you take away from Scale Beyond Solo?

Over the course of the 7-week program, you will learn how to create a business plan, set intentional goals, hire your dream team, manage finances, brand your business, choose the right social platforms to attract your ideal customers, and more.

Is the cost of Scale Beyond Solo tax deductible?

Yes, the cost of the 7-week program is tax deductible for U.S. LLCs and can be listed on your 2021 Schedule C. So, paying less taxes and scaling your business - win win!

Is Scale Beyond Solo only for U.S.-based entrepreneurs?

No, international entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply. After all, I'm living my best life in Mexico City.

Is there an option to work 1-1 with Kimber during the program?

Yes, VIP upgrade is available and includes 2 30-minute private calls with me over the course of the program to continue to up level your business. 

If you have a VA, is Scale Beyond Solo still applicable to you?

100% yes! While you might be a step further than other Scale Beyond Solo members, hiring a VA is only one small step toward leveling up your business.

Don't Miss Your Last Chance in 2021 to Level Up Your Business

Still on the fence?

There's no better time to Scale Beyond Solo and take control of your career path than right now. But if you still have questions, let's jump on a quick call and get everything answered.